March 14, 2019 3 min read

Our ocean is the vast and the most unexplored part of the planet. 71% of the planet is covered by ocean. The ocean is responsible for 50 - 80% of living things on earth. Without the ocean, we would lose 60% of the earth's oxygen and that would mean extinction for most species.

Ocean pollution is a continuous daily cycle threatening the environment and putting marine life at a high death risk.

Close to 850 animal species are affected by ocean pollution around the world. This number is continuously increasing over the years, and in the last 5 years, it is up by almost 25%. 

Ocean Pollution Facts:

Fact 1: Over 100, 000 marine life die every yearfrom plastic ingestion or entanglement. The most common element found in the oceans today is plastic. Because plastic doesn't break down easily, it is very harmful to the environment and most marine animals eat plastic thinking it's food.

Fact 2: The University of Georgia found out that 18 billion pounds of plastic trash winds up in the oceans every year. That is literally enough traffic to cover every foot of coastline around the planet with 5 trash bags of plastic.

Fact 3: It's estimated that by 2050, there will be more plastic weight in the than the weight fish in the ocean. 

Plastic bottle ocean pollution - Treehouse supply

Fact 4: The most common plastic items discovered on a beach and ocean clean ups are single-use plastics. These include plastic cigarette butts, plastic food wrappers, plastic beverage bottles, and plastic straws.

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Fact 5: 
The ocean contains 25 trillion of plastic pieces. Out of this, more than 250, 000 tons float on the oceans' surface. About 4 billion microfibers per square kilometer litter the deep sea.

Fact 6: From the trash in the oceans, 80% is from the land. This includes industry and individual wastes. The other 20% is from ocean activities like cruise ships, shipping, and fishing.

Fact 7: 80% of the negative effects on marine life is caused by plastic in the form of ocean trash.

Fact 8:There's a garbage island called The North Pacific Gyre, it's twice the size of Texas and it's the largest ocean garbage sire on earth. Here, the ration of marine life to plastic pieces is 1:6.

Fact 9: One Million sea birds die from ocean pollution each year.

Fact 10: At about 2000 feet deep, you are likely to find more pollution than on the surface. You are likely to find plastic bags, fishing equipment, plastic bottles, tires, and shoes.

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Fact 111:
Approximately more than four billion of trash enters the ocean every year.

Fact 12: Every square mile of the ocean has more than 45, 000 pieces of traffic floating in it.

Fact 13:There are about 500 dead zones in the ocean, this is similar to the size of the United Kingdom.

Fact 14: There’s enough plastic in the ocean to circle the Earth 400 times.

how to fight ocean pollution

What can you do about this?

We hope that this has opened your eyes to the effect of plastic in our oceans and ecosystem. This is a challenge to do something about the current situation of our oceans.

Here's how to fight to eradicate ocean pollution:

  1. Any litter you find around, whether plastic or not, pick it and dispose of it properly.

  2. Reduce usage of plastics, whenever possible; Find ways to Reuse plastic packaging, and Recycle rather than throwing away plastic materials.

  3. Buy a biodegradable and reusable shopping bag. Check out our reusable bags here - Reusable Bags and Totes

  4. Dispose of plastic properly.

  5. Create awareness around you. Educate your friend, family, and neighbors about these dangers of plastic on our oceans and life.