Reusable Silicone Wrap

Theyre finally here! These amazing silicone wraps were designed to replace cling wrap and tin foil, while performing even better. These silicone wraps stick to basically and turn anything into an instant storage container without the unnecessary waste. These are a great option for anyone trying to have a perfect waste-free alternative!

Safe - These wraps are made with FDA approved food grade silicone, making them completley free of harmful chemicals and toxins! You'll never have to worry about plastic from cling wrap leaking chemicals into your food again!

Eco-Friendly & Save money! - These wraps are not only eco-friendly, but can save you lots of money by not having to buy cling wrap ever again! These wraps contain no plastic, and will save you from having to buy plastic wrap for years to come.

Convenient – Each set includes 1 large sized wrap for easy compatibility with any container. The stretchy silicone material allows to fit anything! Use these wraps on a can of beans, an avocado, or any bowl that you need covered. You can even use it as a grip to easily get into hard-to-open jars.

Hot & Cold Resistant – Unlike regular cling wrap, these are great for use in the freezer, microwave, and even your dishwasher. These silicone wraps can withstand up to 450F(232C) and remain as good as new forever!

Strong durability– These thick silicone wraps can be reused forever without ever tearing or breaking open, guarenteed!

No leaks! – These wraps naturally stick to any sort of container, fruit, or vegetable without allowing air to come in contact with your food, making it safer than cling wrap and tin foil!