Wooden Hair Brush

Anyone with long hair knows how important having a hair brush is. Unfortunatley, many hair brushes are not eco-friendly and are made out of plastic. Solve this problem by getting our wooden, sustainable hair brush!

  • Scalp Massage Function- the round bristle heads are helpful for promoting brain's blood circulation and refreshing your mind effectively
  • Anti-static Function- Avoid tangles and hair frizz, keep your hair smooth and healthy from static and hair breakage
  • Air Cushion Function- Keep air pressure balanced by air hole. Bring added elasticity and comfortable massage enjoyment
  • Reduces Frizz: These long pins can gently get rid of tangles and reduce the amount of hair frizz. Using this salon quality brush to prevent hair breakage from static and help a achieve healthier hair
  • For All Hair Types- Suitable for all hair types,curly or straight,long or short,thick or thin,dry or wet etc